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The following Terms and Conditions governing the use of  are designed to protect everyone who uses .

By using this site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use this site.

MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC (owner of ) has the right to revise and update these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification.

Medical Content

Medicine is an ever-changing science. As new research and clinical experience broaden our knowledge, changes in treatment and drug therapy are required. In view of the possibility of human error or changes in medical sciences, neither MMHWS nor its licensors warrant that the information contained in the digital download content is in every respect accurate or complete, and they are not responsible for any errors or omissions or the results obtained from the use of such information. Users are encouraged to confirm the information contained in the digital download content with other sources. For example, and in particular, users are advised to check the product information sheet included in the package of each drug they plan to administer to be certain that the information contained in the digital download content is accurate and that changes have not been made in the recommended dose or in the contraindications for administration. This recommendation is particularly important in connection with new or infrequently used drugs.
The content of , including all text and information displayed, including information obtained from others and all other content, is offered on an informational basis only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice and guidance of a qualified health provider before you make any adjustment to any drug you are currently using or any treatment you are currently undergoing.
The recommendations contained on the Website are not intended to be specifically applicable to any individual’s medical problems, concerns or needs.
If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local health emergency service immediately. Choosing to use any information or advice on our Website is entirely at your own risk.  may contain health and medical-related materials that you may consider sexually explicit or personally offensive. Although MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC and the staff of  will attempt to moderate and review content on the Website, there is a risk that you may encounter articles and discussions that you find offensive. Entry into the Website and all the areas of , constitutes acceptance of this risk.


Products Are for Personal Use Only
The products available on the Website are for your personal use only and may not be sold by you. By purchasing any products from us using this Website, you agree not to resell the products to anyone.
We reserve the right, with or without notice, to cancel any order that we believe, in our sole discretion, may result in the violation of our Terms and Conditions.
All MMHWS digital downloads are copyrighted by us, you may forward and repost any PDF materials on our Website, provide you do not alter the materials or incorporate them into new materials for commercial purposes. Any material forwarded or reposted must include MMHWS’s copyright notice and any embedded hyperlinks.

Editorial and Message Board Content

Message boards and blog posts on health-related Web sites often contain frank talk about, and discussions on, a variety of topics. Consequently,  may contain health and medically related materials which you could find sexually explicit and personally offensive.
Although MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC and the staff of  will moderate messages posted on the message board and regularly review content, occasionally articles and/or discussions may appear that some people find offensive. Entry into , and all the areas of this site, constitutes your acceptance of this risk.

Children’s Protection and Privacy Policy

You must be at least 18 years old to use this Website.

MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC considers the safety of children to be of paramount importance.  is not written, nor is this site designed, to attract children and therefore may be unsuitable for their use. The information, observations and blog posts contained on our Website may not be appropriate for some minors. We are also committed to protecting the privacy of children and we will not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of 13.

Use of Content

All of the content on the Website is protected by copyright under United States and foreign laws. All content remains the property of MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC and its licensors, and MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC and its licensors reserve all rights in and to the content, whether such rights are expressed or not. Any use of the content not expressly permitted by

these Terms and Conditions is a breach of these Terms and Conditions and may constitute a violation of copyright, trademark, and other laws. MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC may change or terminate the content and features of the Website without notice at our sole discretion.
You may forward or repost the material found on . However, you must attach the following copyright notice to everything you copy from our Website:

If you deliberately violate these Terms and Conditions, then your right to use the content contained in  immediately terminates without any further action on our part, and you are required to destroy all copies you have made of our Website content.


The use of  and its content is at your own risk.

When using , information is transmitted in ways beyond the control of . MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC and  assume no liability for the delay, failure, interruption or corruption of any data or other information in connection with use of .
The  Web site and its content are provided “as is.” MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC, its licensors, and its suppliers, to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaim all warranties, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third parties’ rights, and fitness for particular purpose. Specifically, MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC, its licensors and its suppliers make no representations or warranties about the following:
The accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the content, software, text, graphics, links, or communications provided on or through the use of .
The satisfaction of government regulations requiring disclosure of information on prescription drug products with regard to the content contained on .
In no event shall MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC, its licensors, its suppliers, or any third parties mentioned on  be liable for any damages, including but not limited to incidental and consequential damages; personal injury; wrongful death; lost profits; damages resulting from lost data; business interruption resulting from the use or inability to use  or the content, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory; and whether or not  is advised of the possibility of such damages.  is not liable for any personal injury, including death, caused by your use or misuse of this site, content, or public areas.

Message Board Rules

If you enter and use a message board or chat room, also known as community, you are solely responsible for everything you post in those areas plus any and all consequences which may

result from your posting(s).
Any information you read, or use in any way, is solely your responsibility as are any consequences of any kind which may result from the use of any information posted in the communities of .
Do not attempt to communicate any emergency medical needs or any personal health information of any kind through the message boards/chat rooms or email links of . If any circumstances occur in which you believe yourself or someone else to be in any kind of danger, medical or otherwise, contact your local law enforcement agency or local emergency medical system immediately. 
By entering into and using  community, you, or anyone else entering through the use of your username/password, agrees:
1. Not to use a public access area in any way that violates local, state, national, or international law.
2. Not to post advertisements or solicitations without the prior written approval of MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC.
3. Not to post any material, whether word, image or graphic, that is obscene, defames, threatens, harasses, abuses, slanders, embarrasses, or conveys hate or ill will against any person, especially but not limited to children, group, race, culture, or other entity — said content to be determined by ’s administrator at his or her sole discretion.
4. Not to post material that infringes on the intellectual rights, copyright, and/or property rights of anyone, nor especially to infringe on anyone’s right to privacy.
5. Not to intentionally disrupt the flow of dialogue.
6. Not to post any information pertaining to or containing information which generally falls under, but is not limited to the terms “chain letter” and/or “pyramid scheme.”
7. Not to represent yourself to be anyone other than who you are.
8. Not to knowingly distribute viruses or any other type of harmful or disruptive computer code.
9. Never to record any information about another person without their consent including, but not limited to, e-mail addresses.
10. Not to allow anyone other than yourself to use your username/password to post or view notices.
11. Not to spam (post the same note more than once) nor to engage in any conduct that restricts or inhibits any other person from accessing or using community as it is intended.
12. Not to engage in any activity which, in the judgment of MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC, exposes MONARCH MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES, LLC, its customers and providers to any liability. reserves the right, but is not obligated, to do any or all of the following:

1. Investigate any allegation(s) about any communication(s) that may or may not conform to the terms of the Message Board/Chat Room Rules and determine, at its sole discretion, that such communication should and will be removed.

2. Remove postings which are deemed to be abusive, illegal, disruptive, or in any way fail to conform with the Message Board/Chat Room Rules at the sole discretion of staff.

3. Terminate user access to any or all public area(s), including the entirety of site, upon any breach of any Terms and Conditions of Use, at the sole discretion of staff.

4. Monitor, record, or disclose any communication in the community.

5. Edit or delete any communication(s) posted on the site, including community, regardless of whether such communication(s) violate any rules or standards, including these rules.
Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary to protect the personal safety of its guests and public. Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC has no liability or responsibility to users of the site or any other person or entity for performance or non-performance of the aforementioned activities.
Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, shall Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC or any of its affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages that result from the use of or any information found thereon.
You specifically acknowledge and agree that is not liable for any defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of any user.
If you are dissatisfied with, with any information found thereon including community, or with any Terms and Conditions, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using


Advertisements and Links to Other Sites

Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC does not endorse the content on any third-party Web sites. Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC is not responsible for the content of linked third-party sites, sites framed within the site, or third-party advertisements, and does not make any representations regarding their content or accuracy. Your use of third-party Web sites is at your own risk and subject to the Terms and Conditions of use for those sites.
MMHWS may receive payment for advertising displayed to you during the course of the use of the Website. MMHWS may also receive payment for advertising links which you may choose to follow. By using the Website you authorize MMHWS to collect such payments for its sole use and benefit.


Linking Policy and Trademark notice
MMHWS is the registered owner of various business names and marks (“the Marks”), including “Where Transformation Happens” and “Committed to Excellence in Mental Health & Well-Being.” MMHWS uses the Marks in the course of providing various products and services to customers. MMHWS has used and continues to use the Marks as trademarks outside the United States of America and asserts its entitlement to do so to the exclusion of others.

The Marks may not be used as trademarks or in connection with the supply of goods or services by any other person without prior permission in writing by MMHWS.
You may provide a link to this Website from a third party website provided that you link only to the home page ( You may not link in any other way, unless you first have obtained the written permission of MMHWS to do so. To obtain permission, contact: If you are a MMHWS affiliate, you may link to the MMHWS eStore page without obtaining additional written permission.

Expiry of Vouchers, Gift Certificates and Store Credits

If you receive a gift certificate, store credit or voucher (“Voucher”) that can be redeemed in exchange for MMHWS products, said Voucher will expire 12 months after the date of issue.

Returns and Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at Please read this policy carefully.

We do not accept returns or issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and access to the digital product(s) is provided. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products. If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us by email:


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, and suppliers harmless from and against any claims, actions or demands, liabilities, and settlements, including without limitation, reasonable legal fees resulting from arising out of your violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Agreement to Arbitrate Disputes; Waiver of Jury Trial

By using our Website, you expressly agree that any dispute arising out of or in any way relating to your use of the Website or the purchase of any product or service from Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC, including from our/any eStore, shall be solely and exclusively resolved through binding arbitration before a single arbitrator, and not in court, except that if your claims fall within the small claims jurisdictional limit of the District Count of Florida for Broward County, you must assert such claims exclusively in that court.

In an arbitration proceeding, there is no judge or jury. The right to appeal from an arbitration award is very limited. An arbitrator is permitted to award to us or to you the same relief as a court (including damages and injunctive and declaratory relief or statutory damages), but the arbitrator shall not award punitive damages. The arbitrator shall have the right to award reasonable attorneys’ fees to the substantially prevailing party. The arbitrator must follow the terms of this Agreement.

To begin an arbitration proceeding, you must send a letter requesting arbitration and describing your claim to our registered agent, Claudenie Mondesir, 401 E. Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. The arbitration will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) under its rules. The AAA’s rules are available at or by calling 1-800-778-7879. Payment of all filing, administration and arbitrator fees will be governed by the AAA’s rules. In the interest of speeding the resolution of the arbitration, there shall be no depositions and no more than 10 interrogatories allowed, except as expressly permitted by the arbitrator upon a showing of good cause by the requesting party. The arbitration will take place in Broward County, Florida, unless a different location is mutually agreed to in writing by you and by us. Either you or MMHWS may choose to have the arbitration conducted by telephone, based on written submissions, or in person.

We each agree that any dispute resolution proceedings will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class, consolidated or representative action. 

If for any reason a claim proceeds in court rather than in arbitration, each party expressly waives any right to a jury trial. 
We also both agree that MMHWS may bring suit in either arbitration or court to enjoin infringement or other misuse of MMHWS’ or its licensee’s intellectual property rights.
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the internal substantive laws of the State of Maryland, without respect to its conflict of laws principles.
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid by any arbitrator or court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of any of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or condition or any other term or condition


Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. Monarch Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC makes no claims that the content is appropriate or may be downloaded outside of the United States. Access to the content may not be legal by certain persons or in certain countries. If you access from outside the United States, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction. The following provisions survive the expiration or termination of these Terms and Conditions for any reason whatsoever: Liability, User Submissions, Indemnity, Jurisdiction, and Complete Agreement.
Except as expressly stated otherwise on, these Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and with respect to the use of, and content. Your use of is also subject to the privacy policy.

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